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tv   Interview with Representative Tom O Halleran  CSPAN  March 9, 2017 6:46pm-6:55pm EST

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congressmen you begin your career -- but redoing? >> i got into specialized units and louisiana called task force which is a general crime suppression unit and then i went to homicide. i was one of the youngest homicide investigators ever in the city of chicago. i did that for about seven years a very good line of work and it's rewarding when you catch people that have done terrible things and you get to see the
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results at the end. after that i became, i went into the crime unit and worked under under -- had a big eared and long hair and all that stuff and finally family tate's your life a lot of times so i left the police department and went to the chicago board of trade and served on the board of directors. >> we did law enforcement teach you about working with others? how has it impacted your career since then? >> well, every way imaginable. the skill sets you learn as a police officer stay with you. you have to learn how to get along with people and free people especially homicide. when you are interviewing somebody you need to know how to read people. think quickly on your feet.
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that can be respect people and trust people. those attributes are very helpful and i found out whether it's in other areas of deployment or in public service. seeing mickey left chicago in which arizona. what did you do? >> first i was going to come out here in ride courses and hike for the rest of my life. i was retiring and i was lucky enough to be able to retire at an early age and i found out my mind was going to mush. i got involved in local community issues mostly dealing with environmental issues and forestry issues and sooner or later there was a seat open in the arizona state legislature and they asked me to run for the seat. i had no intention of ever being involved in politics but i had also been down to the legislature and while i was working on community issues and
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i didn't like what i saw as far as how people are being treated and as a public and how the legislature was being run from the standpoint of special interests. so it took me a while to make the decision that i made the decision to run and i was elected to my surprise and i spent eight years in the arizona state legislature six years as a representative than two years as a senator. >> what is different about the arizona legislature serving there and serving in congress? >> 60 people in the house versus 435 here and the pressure of national exposure and national issues and international issues. it gets to be the same. there is less transparency. there is more pressure from interest groups here. obviously there is way too much money involved in the process
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and that's evident when you run for office. i used to be able to run for a seat in the arizona legislature for under $200,000. if you don't raise that in three months you were in big trouble. i don't know if that's good for our society but the end result is i really believe there's not enough transparency here and not enough debate. >> what do you mean transparency? what happened in the state legislature that was transparent versus here? >> the bills were generic. every bill was about a specific subject and here you can get almost anything thrown into a bill and you have to really watch. i don't think it's fair to the public to have that type it in the legislature we called it a christmas tree bill. if you try to get outside the generic and people try to come up with ways to do it but in the
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end it's hard for the public to be able to follow the process and i think as the president indicated in his inauguration address we are going to turn government back to the people and they have to be able to follow government and it has to be transparent. >> what are you doing as a member of the house of representatives on transparency? have you operates or your your constituents know what you are doing and working on? >> we just got it up and going. every business i have had is recorded on our web site of who i met with then finally my vote if there was an issue on it and if it was an issue with regards to the district people know exactly what i'm doing with that and on the other side i go out in the district and have an event. every event is identified so we have transparency across the
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spectrum and in fact if you are lobbyists and you came in here and gave me a sheet for information we would make that available to our constituents also. >> what committees are you serving on? >> my district has a lot of different types of agriculture and ranching so it's also part of my background and my family. my father was a farmer and my grandfather was a farmer before that. my father tried to make a living in chicago and the rest of the brothers they all went as long as they were allowed to go to school. they had to work on the farm and the last brother they called him the boy they all got together and made sure he finished college.
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>> what do you think your family history and your history, that back round what impact has it had on you? >> were -- work ethic with loyalty sense of family the ability to understand being around good people and growing up in my life. my uncles were married uncles. they almost all served in the military and it's amazing when they came home they didn't have stories about it. they just didn't talk about it and i think that's a credit to them and also a sadness that they had to go through something that they never wanted to talk about. >> show us and tell us what it is and why you think it's important to have it in your office. >> my uncle was a lieutenant
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colonel in the army air corps during world war ii. he served the whole war but he did 50 missions in the south pacific and he was a volunteer. he received numerous medals but this is just one of them the distinguished flying cross. the significance for me and why a part of the office is veterans affairs and our commitment to veterans hester the remembered all the time. that's why i'm going to put it up on the wall to make sure it's in a position where i look at it everyday and i understand one of the reasons i am here is to make sure our veterans are cared for. we have another piece of his that we are redoing. his medals and pictures of him that will go along with this so again when you have reminders like that you have more of a tendency tat


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